Set Subjects for 2019

At the AGM in November each year, members are asked to think of topics for the set subjects in the following year. The ideas are drawn from a hat, and the member then gives a brief definition or outline of their chosen topic.

  • February - Mirror Reflections - using water, windows, mirrors or any reflective surface, man-made or natural.

  • March - Interesting Tree Roots - An image capturing the natural formation of tree roots.

  • April - Red - The colour red as the focal point or where red makes an impact on the image

  • May - Multiple Exposure - Combining 2 or more exposures to create a single image in camera or using software.

  • June - Solitude - The image should evoke the feeling of Solitude.

  • July - Abstract Landscapes - Present a landscape in a way which is different from how a human would normally perceive a landscape.

  • August - Babies - Not limited to human babies. The image can be animals/birds/ reptiles etc.

  • September - Sunset - An image of a sunset.

  • October - Star Trails - The image should depict star trails.

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