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2015 Camera Club Zone Conference

The weekend of 15/16and 17th May saw a group of 9 Grafton Camera Club members travel to Port Macquarie for this years zone conference for the region's camera clubs. Attending clubs ranged from Forster to Lismore and out to Taree and Tamworth with 10 clubs being represented. The weekend included the opportunity to participate in portrait and 'see scapes' work shops as well as a full timetable of presenters to the conference in general. While some of the presentations seemed a little long, others were veyr interesting such as the underwater photography presentation and Rob Smith's two presentations which are always lively.

Ahead of the weekend the camera clubs submitted their entries for judging with all print entries displayed. As a club Grafton did really well coming third overall with several merit certificates being gained by individual members. The weekend was enjoyed by all and we are looking forward to next years conference in Kempsey.

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