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Light Painting with Greg

Last night at our club meeting, one of our members Greg Norman was keen to show us what he had made to take some light painting pictures and the results were spectacular! Greg was happy to show everyone how to take great shots like this so with the help of Carol ( lighting engineer :-) ) Greg set things in motion and we snapped away in the dark. Greg also showed what could be achieved with with simple torch light and a few accessories creating light trails on the kitchen table.

The feedback has been great - this is the second 'hands on' meeting we have had - the first being a simple depth of field excercise to give members a better understanding of how the F stop works in relation to focus in your photos. This was one of those light bulb moments where you could actually see the difference that changing the F stop made.

Big thanks to Greg for his great presentation .... now what are we going to do next month??? Any suggestions?

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