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Motor Vehicles and Light Trails

Welcome again to our new members - it is great to see a few more new faces who are keen to learn more about photography.

Following an interesting look at the country life entries from last month we made the most of the last meeting before daylight savings ends and wandered out onto Prince Street to try and take some photos of car light trails around the clocktower.

It was great fun and I think everyone got a few shots - even if they weren't perfect. Several members had now discovered a long exposure shot and were going home to practice. I think next time we need to arrange a few cars to do drive bys so we get the trails where we want!

Just so we didnt get bored Greg was up to his old tricks with his hula hoop light set up - I was waiting to see who was going to hula but no one stepped up :-(

Hopefully the Motor Vehicles set subject will have been as well supported as the country life one and I am sure there will be some amazing images.

Next month the subject is 3 - that is three of something or something with the number 3 in it so put your thinking caps on!

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