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Try, Fail, Try, Fail - Learn

In July one of our Club members invited us all to his home for a try, fail, try, fail , learn day. Greg and Carol Norman made everyone feel very welcome and Greg had plans for us all!

He had challenges set up for us to try with our photography. The first one was to try and take a portrait using a mirror ( no not a selfie!) but there was lighting, props and of course a willing model in Dana.

This was more challenging that most of us expected and there was definitely some tries and fails with this one! The dress ups were hilarious and I feel that it would be more than my life's worth to post some of them here.... hehe! But they are interesting :-)

Next Greg challenged us with more lighting - light painting and catch lights. Greg had made a light wheel and set the light to practice the portraits. Some of us got some awesome photos and others of us were left needing more practice but certainly having learned a lot. (that's me lol!)

Many thanks to Greg and Carol.

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