• Debbie Handley

Brolga Hunt.....

We set off from Corcoran Park on Sunday afternoon. The birds that I had seen two weeks earlier when I had done my recky for the outing ,which had been gathering huge berries that barely fit in their beaks, were no longer there.

Unfortunately in that two weeks the brolgas had also moved on from where I was expecting them to be, although we did see a few in the distance of a Lawrence paddock.

It was still a lovely afternoon drive and we did manage some detours where we saw water dragons, egrets and spoonbills nesting. A storm rolled in around 4 pm when we reached the Lawrence pub.

Dorothy and I got wet scurrying in but wiser Michelle and Terry remained in a dry car. In the pub Dorothy and I photographed the icons , akubras on the wall and a couple of bikies. In all I think we had a nice Sunday drive and got a few snaps.


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