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Covid 19 A Photographic Opportunity

Yes we are certainly going through a world of change at the moment, which will no doubt go down in our history books.But change and uncertainty doesn't have to be all negative.

Some of our community are considered high risk and self isolating, some are going to work under vastly different circumstances and some are doing vital, essential and at times risky work.

Congratulations everyone is doing what they need to do, to overcome covid 19.

Our small camera club in Grafton has risen to the challenge of not being able to meet face to face monthly by continuing with online digital competitions.Our judges are graciously giving their time to providing amazing critiques with encouragement for our continued photographic growth.

Members are using this time to hone their skills by doing different things such as:

# learning what every button on their camera actually does.

# doing online photographic challenges.

# Experimenting with camera settings.

# Trying different genera such as macro and abstract.

# Learning more about post processing images through computer software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

# Creating their own Instagram or Facebook account and posting their own images.

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Contact: Colin Dixon  0404 244 103


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